Our Story

Iphoria was founded in 2012 by young and driven Berlin-based designer MILENA JAECKEL. Always impeccably dressed, she had been struggling to find equally stylish clothes for her trusty technological companions. If we get changed multiple times a day, she thought, why should they always wear the same outfit?
That’s how the idea of Iphoria was born.


Uniquely Iphoria – uniquely you!

Currently Iphoria is being sold in 35 countries. Milena has also developed more Iphoria product lines in the typical euphoric and urban Iphoria style.

Design and Zeitgeist are kept in Tech Accessories, Foulards and Vanity Bags, followed by the first Iphoria Cashmere Clothing Line that launched in 2015.At the same time the first Iphoria Store will open in Tokyo/Japan.

Iphoria stands for euphoria in the digital age, for that certain je ne sais quoi that transforms the ordinary into a fashion statement.
Iphoria girls don’t compromise – we want it all! Our products are functional yet fashionable, designed with passion and produced with care.

The Iphoria journey has just begun and we are looking forward to take you with us.