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LIMITLESS - Take What You Like!

With Limitless we want to send a clear message: Our designs don't think in genders: Take what you like!

IPHORIA founder Milena Jäckel explains her vision behind the new Limitless designs:

"IPHORIA is primarily recognized as a women's offering, but our products are made for everyone! I don't design our collections just for women or just for men - I create designs for a style that is not gender-bound. For example, we also see from our sales that men are not only choosing neutral designs - why should they! When we all have the freedom to wear anything we want."



The Limitless color range represents diversity, just like the message of the collection: the classic IPHORIA Phone Cases, Liquid Cases, Necklace Cases and Necklace Sleeves with clever clip-on accessories are available from eggshell white and black to neon yellow - "OH BOY" !



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